September 4, 2022
Lodz, Poland

In an incredibly curious way, I found myself in a playlist that brought about a thousand listens. There's a suspicion that it's an artificially generated playlist, tracking tags on social media and assembling the tracks into a list. This triggered something inside me, and I recalled another service where you promote your tracks not just through playlist curators but also through a social aspect: by listening and leaving comments, you earn points, which you can exchange for the opportunity to submit your track for musicians to critique.

The best motivation to hit the gym is the photos of your former classmates, when you get notifications from Viber or Telegram that your contact has installed the app after two decades.

I'm eager to acquire a Nintendo Switch, especially after seeing how AR together with the Mario kart is used for playing with cats at home. Moreover, the portable console that can be connected to a TV, monitor, MacBook, and Nintendo's family-oriented product strategy appeal to me more than the individualism of the Playstation 5. Also, the PS5 controllers can be easily connect to the Switch.

This is my second attempt to start writing Finn' journal — another one of my personalities. The first attempt ended in 2006. This time, the motivation is to learn to think and type in English without editing, in a continuous flow. Moreover, a mechanical keyboard is on the wishlist, one that can wirelessly connect to the iPhone, freeing me from the frustration of typing on the phone. Apple makes bad keyboards. They're honestly dreadful.


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