In some African tribes when they talk about the future they gesture backwards. Indeed after all we don’t know the future.

Everything is a remix.

Sometimes I blame myself because I did nothing today: no text, no design, no music – the main things that stays with me all my life. And then I remember GitHub, it is just so calming to sit with a cup of tea and update simple html pages. At least I can go and sleep without any thoughts that I’m a useless piece of shit.

Design is a risk, fashion is a risk, music is a risk. Our life is a risk. Our life is about thinking outside the box. If people don’t understand you, don’t waste your time to change their mindset. You don’t have time for this. I don’t have time for this. If you’re afraid of something just read how audience reacted on Stravinsky’ The Rite of Spring.

Just wondering how inspiration rises when I just change fonts and colours. I just what to play more and more. We all into games_

Mark 03_ERA.Mars III //
Mark 02 > [2016-2022]
Mark 01 > [2002-2016]

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