Success is incidental

In the pursuit of our goals and aspirations, we often encounter moments of triumph and achievement. These moments, however, are not always the result of meticulously laid plans or calculated strategies. Instead, they often emerge unexpectedly, almost incidentally, from the depths of our endeavors.

You can’t play chess with someone
who’s willing to set the board on fire

I grew up in a world where you could throw coins into your phone.

Have you ever noticed that empty windows in a house where nobody lives and in a house where people sleep feel like different kinds of emptiness?

I spoke in my sleep. I was woken up, and I was woken up at that moment when nothing scary was happening, but it was foretelling. After analyzing the dream, I came to the conclusion that we are capable of feeling not only the fear of events that are already happening in our sleep, but also of events that are approaching. Just like in life.

The charm of a fountain pen lies in its leisurely pace.

The English language has one disadvantage: it belongs to no one.

Blank sheets for letters are useless - they lack history, so I carry them in my pockets for weeks to write a letter later.

Once I sat down and invented myself.

I'm starting to hear sounds that shouldn't exist in principle. And at night, objects rattle.

When I lie on my deathbed, my last words will be: 'The main thing is not to forget to rise again.'

What will I do when they drop a nuclear bomb? Take photos, damn it!

We need a lot of things that we don't need.

We both smell like milk. You and I.

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